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Careers in Materials Science and Engineering

There is a wide range of careers in Materials Science and Engineering.


Explore the range of Careers in Materials Science and Engineering on New Scientist and Prospects websites (other websites are available).

Prospects is an excellent source of careers advice in general you can explore ‘what can I do with my degree’ and the materials science and engineering page which covers job

prospects as well as skills that the degree would provide you with. Not affiliated with any particular university, it gives impartial links to job roles that are commonly associated with the degree.

Materials Science and Engineering – Careers Advice – Prospects

The government website provides a good overview of the job roles and pathways that the position holds. Aimed at School leavers as well as those heading for university.

Materials Engineer/Scientist – Explore careers – National Careers Service

An American based website – but does contain a concise and general description of Materials Science and what careers can be achieved (could be used with KS3)

What does a materials scientist do? – CareerExplorer


We have designed posters featuring graduates from some of the universities in our working group. To view these or print them out, please visit our Careers Poster page.

Videos and Panel Session

During several of our online events, we have run panel sessions in which we talk to materials scientists who work in academia and industry.

Panel session 1 –

Panel session 2  –

Panel session 3 –

Panel session 4 – 

Discover Materials Careers –

Ask our ambassadors

We have a network of Discover Materials Ambassadors who have discovered Materials Science and Engineering via many different routes.

Why not visit the Discover Materials Ambassador index page where you can find out why our ambassadors love the area, what they studied at school, and what they are doing now.

Any Questions?

Please feel free to contact us to ask us questions about careers in Materials Science and Engineering and we will do our best to help you.


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Additional Information

General Science Careers Information

Exploring the more general field of science roles to introduce secondary students to the various careers and routes into science.

What types of jobs and employers are there in science? | TARGETcareers

A large list of careers/job roles with science as the background. Helping students explore other science roles that they may not have thought of.

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