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Ebrima Sallah

What is your current job / programme of study? 

Engineering Doctorate Student at Swansea University’s Materials, Modelling and Manufacturing Academy (M2A).  

Which A-Levels (or equivalent) did you do?

Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Sociology  

Why did you choose a career in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)? 

I have always had a passion for chemistry, and how it connects with other sciences. Materials science and engineering enthused me with a range of sciences aimed at solving problems and providing solutions in academic research and industry. Since everything around us is made up of a type of material it can easily be used to demonstrate the science of how things behave or in fact how they are made:  which I find quite interesting. I also enjoy the fact that it can be a very practical based science as whole.  

What is your research about?  

My research involves finding efficient and rapid experimental methods that can be used in industry for failure analysis and monitoring the health of a highly heat resistant ceramic material. These materials are heavily relied upon by metal making industries and they spend millions yearly to buy them, so that their businesses continue to function. These materials are used for containing the hot molten metal as they do not melt at high temperatures above 1600 °C; they can be used for maintaining the temperature of molten metal and therefore save energy during the processing stage; they do not chemically react easily with the molten metal and therefore do not contaminate it during the processing stage.  

What is the coolest thing you have done in your career so far? 

Using sound waves to detect faults in my materials, using specialised laser to identify the structure and faults in the chemistry of my materials, taking part in science festivals around the UK to demonstrate the behaviour of materials and delivering a series of STEM based tutorials in schools from a course I designed based around my research through The Brilliant Club Charity.   

What do you see yourself doing in the future? 

Being more involved in STEM outreach activities to make science more fun and accessible to all.  

I am open minded about career prospects but if I had to choose then my preference would be to be in academia. I do enjoy both teaching and research. 

What is your favourite material (and why)? 

It has to be a ceramic. They have a wide range of applications: military (armoured vest), electronics components (resistors, capacitors super conductors), aircraft (space shuttles shielding material for re-entry into earth’s atmosphere, jet engines), Dinnerware and sanitary ware (plates, cups, tiles, bathtubs), furnaces and more.  

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self? 

Believe in yourself and know that the world is a big planet and there is enough space for all to contribute to its betterment.  

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