28 May 2024. Brought to you by Chris Hamlett.

Teacher CPD sessions at Salters Festival of Chemistry

As part of the Salter’s Festival of Chemistry events at both Queen Mary University London (9th – 10th May) and at University of Leeds (15th – 16th May) we were invited to deliver 90 min CPD sessions to teachers (whilst their pupils were doing some exciting reactions in the chemistry labs).

Chris Hamlett introduced Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) to the teachers by outlining where it can be found in the secondary school syllabus, the careers that further study in MSE can lead to and also introduced a few hands on activates that can be run in class (including some awesome smart materials from the Busking Box).

At QMUL Thomas Thorn and Ambreen Tajmal helped give an insight into studying MSE and why they chose to do so and, during the sessions in Leeds, Nicole Hondow and Jo Galloway introduced different MSE course and the research carried out at The Bragg Centre. 

These sessions were great fun, we engaged with more than 40 teachers and very much look forward to meeting the teachers who attend the Salters Festival of Chemistry in Nottingham at the end of June.