03 May 2024. Brought to you by Chris Hamlett.

Bioplastics for sustainable furniture

Bioplastics are materials that are made from natural, renewable sources (such as seaweed) and used to replace traditional plastics derived from crude oil.

An example is a bioplastic derived from seaweed to replace polyurethane foam in cushions, and other soft furnishing, that has been developed by Agoprene (a Norwegian based company) and reported by the BBC (click here to read the story).


Find out more from Zoe Powell Best, who is one of our ambassadors, about bioplastics and how they can be used in a circular economy by clicking here.

Make you own bioplastics why not check out our CoCoBioMater activity (click here for more info) in which you will learn the importance of bioplastics and can have a go learning how to make your very own bioplastics using  sodium alginate (from seaweed) and any other additives that you want to experiment with.