Discover Materials Science for Teachers

1 March 2022, 4.00pm - 6.00pm

Online (Link to the session will be provided after registration)

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Calling all secondary school teachers.

Learn more about how Materials Science its relevance to the secondary school curriculum and how your pupils can engage with it as a career pathway or university course choice, by joining in our first online Discover Materials Teacher Engagement Session.

Overview of the session

 1600 – 1625       What is MSE and who we are

An overview of what Materials Science and Engineering is and who Discover Materials are, what they can do to help support both teacher and students and an introduction to their new website.

1625 – 1650      Activity 1 – TestATunnocks

Learn more about how breaking chocolate bars can help explain concepts in MSE.

1650 – 1700    Break

1700 – 1725     Activity 2 – Super Surfaces

Explore the objects around you using a clip-on microscope lens and learn how the surface structure of an object can be used to control the properties of a material.

1725 – 1800    Materials Science question and answer session

A session where an expert panel (including Diane Aston, IOM3 and members of the Discover Materials Working Group) will answer your questions and discuss the relevance of materials science to the current school curriculum and both teachers and students.

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