Discover Materials Open Week

27 July - 4 August 2020, 2.00pm


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we ran our first online event ‘Discover Materials Open Week‘  during Summer 2020 to dip our toe into the world of virtual events and use it as a platform to launch our Discover Materials video.

The event itself featured fantasitc talks about Nanoexploring with Electron Microscopy, by Prof Sarah Haigh (The University of Manchester), an introduction to Thermochromic Liquids by Dr Eleonora D’Elia (Imperial College London) and looked through Marty Jopson’s microscope to investiage the vast array of materials inside a mobile phone.

We learned what materials have helped our group through the pandemic and challenged  the audience to design an infographic to shocase a materials that helped them through the first few months of the pandemic – there were some fantastic entries [NEED TO MAKE A PAGE WITH THE ENTRIES].

Finally Erin McNeill (University of Leeds) hosted a fantastic panel session in which mambers of our group and materials science graduates discussed the wonderful, varied careers a degree in Materials Science and Engineering can open up (and even how astronaught urine may be used to help make extra-terrestrial building materials!).

Brought to you by Chris Hamlett

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