British Science Festival

9-10 September 2023, 1.00pm - 5.00pm

Cathedral Green, Exeter City Centre

From creating melt in your mouth chocolate, to developing efficient energy solutions, the world of material science is essential to many of our everyday experiences and enjoyment of the world. Understanding how these materials work, and what they can be used for is vital to creating a greener, more sustainable future and Chris Hamlett from Discover Materials wants you to be as fascinated by it as he is!
Combining the worlds of chemistry, biology, physics, design, and technology he’ll show you how we can use materials to improve the sustainability and test the performance of the everyday things around us. Join him to discover a range of awesome smart materials that can help improve our lives and push the boundaries of technology.
Please let the staff at this stand know if you have any allergies prior to consuming any of the items.

Brought to you by Chris Hamlett