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Materials Science Podcasts

There are some fantastic Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) podcasts out there, here are some we have been involved with:

IOM3 Investigates…

A series of podcasts, in which industry experts look into issues of relevance to professionals working in materials, minerals and mining sectors.

Listen to the IOM3 Investigates… Materials Science Outreach podcast, in which Discover Materials members Mark Coleman and Stella Pedrazzini talk about how can we encourage more people and from different backgrounds into materials science?

It’s A Materials World 

A series of podcasts in which David Yeh (Georgia Institute of Technology) and Puntith Upadhya (Georgia Tech University) talk to experts from different areas of Materials Science and Engineering – including podcasts featuring from Alessandro Mottura and Chris Hamlett from the Discover Materials group which can be found here:

Superalloys for Jet Engines (Alessandro Mottura)

Surface Properties of Materials (Chris Hamlett)


Physics of caramel wafers, neutron scattering focuses on self-assembled materials

A podcast from the Institute of Physics in which some of our members from University of Sheffield sent prospective student caramel wafers and asked them to break them all in the name of science.


Materials Unlocked

Dr Lewis Owen brings together a diverse panel of experts and aspiring materials scientists to discuss and explore the work, achievements and discoveries that happen within the Advanced Materials Processing research area of the Henry Royce Institute based at the University of Sheffield.


Other Materials Science Podcasts

Sliced Bread

A series of BBC podcasts in which Greg Foot  investigates the so-called wonder products making bold claims.

Some of them are very relevant to materials science such as:

Non stick coatings on pots and pans (in which our very own Chris Hamlett features)



This podcast series is hosted by the award-winning materials scientist, writer, and storyteller Anna Ploszajski and explores the personal connections we all have with the materials around us. The podcast now has over 80 interviews with makers, craftspeople, artists and enthusiasts all with a love of handmaking with materials. 



Join co-hosts Taylor and Andrew as they discuss the amazing materials all around us! This series provides accessible explanations of fundamental concepts and in-depth discussions about advanced materials and techniques.

The Research Beat | Episode 7 – Self-Healing Surfaces: The Modern Miracle of Smart Ceramic Coatings

In this episode of The Research Beat podcast, Dr Beatriz Mingo talks about smart coatings and their applications in the future of transport and medicine while detailing her own career journey and research in Materials Science.


Please let us know of other great ones and we can add them to this list.