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Materials Scavenger Hunt

Materials are everywhere but what materials are used for everyday objects and why?

Have a look around your home or classroom, or even go out for a walk and look for different materials. Our Materials Scavenger Hunt lists some materials for your to find so have a loko for them and have a think why the object you find is made from that material.

You can download the scavanger hunt sheet here and maybe take some inspiration from our video.


Equipment needed

  • Scavenger Hunt sheet (download it here)
  • Clipboard
  • Pen / pencil



  • Trips, slips, falls, collisions
  • If doing the hunts outside a loss of concentration can increase the risk of trips, falls or collisions.
  • Concentration is especially important if the scavenger hunt is done near a road or near other dangers.

Discussion points

  • Each group to give an example of what they have found
  • The group to discuss why an object is made from the material that it is made from
  • Can it be made using a different material? If not why not?



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