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Let’s Move to the Moon

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… BLAST OFF with our school space box.!

We have developed a case full of equipment that can be lent to schools which contains all of the equipment for groups of students to complete eight missions that explore different aspects of materials science relevant to building a moon base. We can send one of ambassadors to your classroom with the box, which you will then look after until our ambassador returns to launch a 3D printed rocket and work with your students to find our what they have learned.

The case comes with a booklet and videos to guide the group though the missions (Click here for an overview of the missions).

To book a ‘Let’s Move to the Moon’ box please contact us to find out when they are available.

Let’s Move to the Moon was developed by a team of materials scientists led by Dr Leah Alconcel, funded by the UK-Space Agency and supported by the Henry Royce Institute.