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Let’s Move to the Moon (Ambassador Resources)

Welcome to the ‘Let’s Move to the Moon’ page for volunteers. Here you can find cover letters to send to teachers and for those delivering the session. There are also PowerPoint templates for slides to use when delivering and collecting the suitcases.

There are also hints and tips that have worked well in previous delivery or collection sessions.







  • Risk Assessment (Risk Assessment – UKSA Space Box (181022)) – this risk assessment was carried out at University of Birmingham. If you are not a students or member of staff at UoB then please check with your department that this risk assessment will cover you.


Hints and Tips

Delivery session

  • Split the students into groups of ~ 3 or 4
  • Go round all of the groups and find out what they think the code is to get into the box. Write all codes down (on the classroom whiteboard if there is one available) and get a volunteer to choose a code to try
  • When they have opened the suitcase, and explored the contents, get them to pack it away (this gives them ownership of the suitcase)


Collection session (incl rocket launch)