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Discover Materials Articles in Materials World

Want to learn more about the background and aims of Discover Materials, then find links to our trilogy of article in Materials World below…

Materials World is published by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). We have written three articles in which we look at how students find out, they are open access so please click on the article title to find out more.

Developing a Materials World – Why (not) Us?

In the first out our three article we explore the journey of an applicant to the first year of a Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) degree and how MSE compares to other science and engineering disciplines in terms of demographics how many undergraduates transfer from other courses within the university.


Developing a Materials World – What do students think

In this article we look at the results of a poll of first year MSE students heard about the subject and why they chose it. We also analyse the results of a poll we commissioned of 2000 16-18 year olds to find out how they look for career and choices for further study and find out whether or not a MSE degree would be of interest.


Developing a Materials World – What’s next?

In the final article of the trilogy we discuss who Discover Materials are and how we aim to increase the awareness of the discipline amongst those considering further study and possible future careers.