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Activities for primary schools and families

Are you looking for Materials Science activites to do in class or at home? Then there are some great activites listed below that are suitable for use in primary schoosl and in the home.


Below is a list of activites that have developed some activities that are suitable for primary school students to do either in class or at home.

For each activity there is accompanying resources (such as videos and worksheets) and outlined the main risks.

We have a network of Discover Materials Ambassadors who would love to come into your school to help deliver any of the following activities if you would like. To request a visit from one of our ambassadors (either in person or remotely) then please email:


Health and Safety

We have outlined the main risks associated with the activities but it is the responsibility of whoever runs the activity to ensure the health and safety of the participants which means that the activites are done at your own risk and Discover Materials cannot accept liability for accidents / injuries that occurs as a result of doing the activity.

If there is anything you are concerned about regarding safety, please feel free to get in touch (


How did you get on?

If you run any of these activities in class we would love to know how you get on and so we would really appreciate it if you let us know by email or social media (either Twitter: @Discovmaterials or Instagram: @discovermaterials) or by using the comment box below.


1) Materials Scavenger Hunt

Explore the wonderful world of materials around you

2) Seperating Materials

Investigate how simple materials properties can be used to seperatre your recycling

3) Recycling Scavenger Hunt

Explore the materials in your recycling bin and whether or not they are actually recyclable

4) Break a Beam

Investigate how good different materials are as beams

5) Materials Investigators (Surfaces)

Equipe yourself with a magnifying glass (or even a cool, clip on microscope lens) and look at the different surfaces all aoround you

6) Materials Investigators (Wetting)

Investigate how water behvaes on different surfaces

7) Crash Helmets for Eggs

Can you design and build a crash jackets that will save an egg from a big fall?