27 May 2022. Brought to you by Bethany Stansby.

Dina Fouad

What is your current job / programme of study? 

PhD student in the topological Design of 3D printed Implants as part of the CDT for topological design based in the School of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Birmingham.

What A-Levels (or equivalent) did you do?

Maths, Physics and Business 

Why did you choose a career in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)? 

I’m very passionate about the discovery that takes place in material science , I always say that I feel like an Astronaut on the planet of materials and I love it. Everything can change in our daily lives by the discovery or improvement of new materials and I wish I to have this positive impact in life!   

What did you enjoy most about your MSE course?

I loved to learn how every material has its own properties and characteristics and how their imperfections (grain boundaries, dislocations, etc. ) could be used to improve properties and help build and design better products.  

What is your research about?

My research is about the topological design and microstructural tailoring of 3D printed Ti-6al-4V biomedical implants.  

What is the coolest thing you have done in your career so far?

3D print a 50p sized coin housing 25 different operating parameters for rapid optimization of 3D printing. The next cool thing would be lattices 😊 

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

Teaching and hopefully working on some cool 3D or even 4D prints with smart materials that can help human kind, hopefully!  

What is your favourite material (and why)?

Titanium , It’s strong and tough and relatively light compared to steel (a tough cookie like me), I like that 😊   

What advice would you give your 16 year old self?

Enjoy what you learn and expand your knowledge about things in a fun way.  

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